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Tryina do that pinup girl bang thang

We were meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are?
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (via ihopehetakesyourfilthyheart)

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My Bright Eyes Tattoo 

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I finally got to see him last night. I found out about the show an hour before it started so I walked in the rain and stood outside the venue soaking wet like maybe something would happen. And nothing did but as pathetic as I felt and too poor to go inside I could still hear the music and I was singing along and I felt okay. Then a man came out to smoke and he was tall and handsome and good and he held a door open so I could hear the music better and I was so grateful. But like that wasn’t enough he asked if I liked Conor and I said yes so he directed me to some stairs and he got me in VIP. (I took off my spiked bracelet because it was against the rules and I don’t care if I ever get it back.) I shook his hand and it was so warm and soft and big with my tiny cold hand pressed shivering into it but he just hugged me and gave me his card and I was shaking so bad but he lead the way and I felt like a fucking princess all night long. Soon I was singing along sitting on velvet cushions instead of cold concrete and it all came for free. Sometimes things work out ok? Remember that trying helps. Good things come I fucking promise. I had a really really good night.

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love this so much.

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'Bright Eyes' - acrylic and black ink pen on kraft paper
First proper art piece

haunted by humans (: